Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Ron Clark Story

I'm glad its based on a true story because I would have felt like complete doofus for wasting 90 minutes of my time (not counting the ten minutes I spent writing this) watching such an improbably positive film.

It's not often that you find a cliche interesting, and The Ron Clark Story is one of those exceptions. Matthew Perry shines in this nth re-imagining of 'To Sir, with Love', only this time the film is based on a true story of a Ron Clark who, surprise, managed to turn a dysfunctional grade class into some of the most promising students, EVER!

Since I've already told you that I found the movie interesting, let me tell you why. Two words – Matthew Perry. Oh wait, two more – the kids. Director Randa Haines has to be appreciated for the performance she manages to get out of most of the kids in the film. I found myself constantly marvelling at how naturally they reacted to Perry – I wonder how they achieve that?

Matthew Perry is great as Ron Clark, he deserved the nominations for the Golden Globe and the SAC Guild award. Ten minutes into the film, Matthew Perry WAS Ron Clark (the character, I don't know anything about the person). You wont believe how refreshing I found him here after the mental assault that was Chandler Bing (Yuck!). I got a whole new level of respect for him after this.

Oh wait, there was a love interest in the film too... and seeing as I have to strain to remember anything about it, I'll just say it wasn't annoying. It didn't get in the way. So forget I mentioned it. Good Film, I enjoyed it.

Rating - 5 stars for Perry and 2 more for each kid in the class.

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