Thursday, 1 January 2009

Forget Hendrix/ Clapton/ Page...

Jeff Beck - She's a Woman

Jeff Beck - 'Cause we've ended as Lovers

THIS my people, is a guitar god. Now I love the fact that everybody knows Clapton, Hendrix and Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin you dolts), but the where's the love for Jeff Beck here? You could find millions of guitarists who can ape the big three note for note, but its going to be mighty hard to find anybody who could play like Beck with his cool ass phrasings and unique note selection. While Clapton was all about juiced up blues (at least during his peak - in Cream), Jimmy Page was busy with his guitar god theatrics, and Jimi was experimenting like mad, Beck was busy shutting up and playing his guitar (to paraphrase Frank Zappa). And unlike the rest, Beck didn't really have a peak per se, he was always consistently good. Although I'm not a big fan of his sloppy playing now days (and whats with the wig?!), I still think he can bring more soul into a solo than pretty much anybody on the planet. If you enjoy the vids, I'd recommend you try out two of his albums - Blow by blow, and Wired, they've got some of the best Jazz Rock you'll ever hear, a must for any guitarist out there.

PS. If you're a guitarist who is even vaguely interested in Rock music and are not familiar with Jeff Beck, SHAME. ON. YOU.

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